Vista su Trapani dal castelo


The Erice municipality (Monte San Giuliano until 1934) and located in the Trapani free municipal consortium, borders the towns of Trapani, Buseto Palizzolo, Paceco, Valderice. The name of Erice comes from Erix, a mythological character, Aphrodite and Bute’s son, killed by Heracles. From 1167 till 1934 it was called Monte San Giuliano. The Monte San […]

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Trapani is an Italian town of 68 370 inhabitants chief town of the homonymous free municipal consortium in Sicily. Trapani has developed over time a flourishing economic activity linked to the extraction and sale of salt, taking advantage of its natural position, projected on the Mediterranean, and its port, an old commercial outlet for Eryx

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Cefalù is an Italian town of 14.323 citizens, in Palermo district. It is in northern Sicilian cost, around 70 km far from Palermo, on the foot of a rocky promontory. It is one of the main beach center in the whole region; in spite of its dimension, every year it hosts a lot of local,

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Mondello is a touristic place in Palermo district, between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. Detached from Palermo through the Favorita Park, is reachable thanks to the several trees lined avenues or through secondary connections. Mondello is caracterized by a sandy gulf with tropical colors which go length from Monte Pellegrino till Monte Gallo, and with

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Cattedrale di Palermo


Palermo has 671.042 residents and it is the Sicilian Regional seats. The city has a multi millennial history and it has a very important position in Mediterranean and European events. It was founded by the Phoenicians between the VII and the VI century b. C. and it was conquered by Romans in 254 b. C.,

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Linosa: Costa Vulcanica

Linosa Island

Linosa is an island in Italy belonging to the archipelago of the Pelagie islands, in Sicily. It has an area of 5.43 km² and is 42 km NE from Lampedusa, together with which it forms the municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa which counts 6.304 inhabitants in Agrigento district. The island is mentioned by the Greek

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Isola di Lampedusa

Lampedusa Island

Lampedusa (Mpidusa in Sicilian language) is an island of Italy belonging to the archipelago of the Pelagie islands, in Sicily. It is the largest of the Pelagie archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and is part of Agrigento district. Administratively, together with Linosa, the municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa (of which it is the municipal seat),

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Tempio di Eracle


THE VALLE DEI TEMPLI In an enchanted valley with almond trees in flower, we will find the main historical complex of Magna Grecia. Also there we will find the mixed charm of a cultural area created by humans and a natural landscape. Valle dei Templi is for sure the most important proof about the presence

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Patti e Milazzo Golf. Sulla destra troveremo Vulcano e Lipari.

Aeolian Islands

The Isole Eolie (Isuli Eoli in sicilian language), called also Isole Lipari, are an Italian archipelago which belong to Sicily. Administratively talking, they belong to Messina district and they are a very popular touristic destination: the Islands, in fact, attract more then 600.000 very year. The archipelago, in volcanic origin, is in Tyrrhenian sea, in

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