Mondello is a touristic place in Palermo district, between Monte Pellegrino and Monte Gallo. Detached from Palermo through the Favorita Park, is reachable thanks to the several trees lined avenues or through secondary connections.
Mondello is caracterized by a sandy gulf with tropical colors which go length from Monte Pellegrino till Monte Gallo, and with a literal fine and white sandy that today is 1,5 km length.
The landscape is influenced by the Natural Reserve of Capo Gallo and by the Monte Pellegrino Reserve, defined by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe “the most beautiful promontory in the world”.
That area is famous thanks to its beach, which represents one of the beach club yearned in Sicily, to its several Liberty style villas, famous like best expression of Italian Art Nouveau, and to its historical places. In Mondello takes place the World Festival on the Beach.
There, in 1975, was born the Mondello Award, literary kermesse, nowadays organized  by the Sicily Foundation together with the International Book Saloon of Torino.
The Liberty style villas remark the architecture of this city, by giving to it the image of important place for the International modern history. These buildings (several of them were made by the architect Ernesto Basile) are examples of Art Nouveau in Italy and Europe. In Mondello we find many accommodations, nautical and privé clubs, restaurants, shops, a small port and an ancient beach resort, which is one of the city symbol.

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