Lampedusa Island

Lampedusa (Mpidusa in Sicilian language) is an island of Italy belonging to the archipelago of the Pelagie islands, in Sicily.

It is the largest of the Pelagie archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and is part of Agrigento district. Administratively, together with Linosa, the municipality of Lampedusa and Linosa (of which it is the municipal seat), which has a total of 6,304 inhabitants. With an area of 20.2 km², it is the fifth largest extension of the Sicilian islands. In ancient times his name was Lopadúsa (Λοπαδοῦσσα in Greek).

Starting from the small port and going westwards, you will come across the bay where the Guitgia beach is located, after passing this, which closes the harbor inlet to the west, the next stretch of coast is characterized by peaks and coves of morphological interest like Cala Croce and Cala Madonna, particularly deep, Cala Greca and Cala Galera.

After a stretch of higher coast, which surmounts the bay of Tabaccara, we come in sight of the island of Conigli which is a few tens of meters from the coast where is the homonymous beach, and where once Domenico Modugno spent his holidays and where he died on 6th August 1994. Soon after, there is the Cala Pulcino and the Vallone dell’Acqua. On the northern side of the island characterized by high and indented coasts at Punta Parise we find a particularly large cave and a narrow entrance, which allows access only to swimming, and in which there is a small sandy beach. Continuing westwards, from here begins a stretch of coast characterized by the presence of the Scogli Pignolta, Sacramento and Faraglione, followed by Punta Muro, Punta Cappellone that goes down to the sea, Cala Ruperta, Punta Taccio Vecchio and Punta Alaimo that mark a long particularly wild coast.

Another point of interest is the lighthouse of Capo Grecale, from which along a large bay called the Mare Morto, and frequented by boats and divers attracted by the variety of fish fauna you reach Punta Parrino, which closes the gulf, and Punta Sottile where there are some coves of the southern side, like Cala Francese, at the bottom of which there is a beach near the airport.

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