San Vito Lo Capo

It is an Italian city with 4690 citizens of trapani district in Sicily.

Very famous seaside resort in Sicily, known for its beach, considered by a touristic sounding TripAdvisor in 2012 among the best in Italy. The western side of Zingaro Reserve  is part of its district. It is in western Sicilian cost, adjoining on west side the Macari Gulf and on east side the Zingaro Reserve and Castallammare Gulf. The gold sandy beach is 3 km length.

Civil architectures

  • The lighthouse
  • Cofano Tonnara, in Macari
  • Secco Tonnara (3 km far from the San Vito Lo Capo city center).

Religious architectures

  • The sanctuary fortress
  • Santa Crescenzia Chapel

Natural reserves

  • Bue Marino beach, the most beautiful beach in Italy from a Legambiente sounding in 2015.
  • Calampiso, between San Vito and Zingaro Reserve; inside we can find a beach and a touristic village about 160.000 m2.
  • Uzzo Cave, with its tonnara
  • Cavalli cave


Since 1998, during the last September week, the city houses the “Cous Cous Fest”, an international cultural and enogastronomic Mediterranean show, during that, we can attend live music shows and international couscous gastronomic competition (“The Cous cous World Championship”), with different world chefs, who propose different cous cous type, according to their gastronomic traditions. They come from Ivory Coast, France, Israel, Italy, Maroc, Palestine, Senegal and Tunis.
Giacomo Pilati cares every year, in July/September period the Book, authors and bougainvillea Festival. There are usually several meetings with this author in via Venza, in the open air saloon of the city. there, many Italian writers will present their last literal work.
In May, after a tour of all of Sicily, the International Kite Festival ends with a final stop in San Vito Lo Capo. Internationally acclaimed Aquilonists clash in acrobatic kite sessions with music. At the same time, Mr. and Miss Kite are also elected during the event.
In October there is the San Vito Climbing Festival, an international festival for climbers, who can climb the mountains of the territory.
Finally, to point out, “Tempu ri capuna” an autumn event to rediscover stories and legends related to fishing and the sea with an exhibition entirely dedicated to the culinary tradition of bluefish with meetings, scientific conferences and shows.
In July, there is the Summer Music Festival.

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