The idea to make this website, was born from my personal experience both in everyday life and in work, started 30 years ago.
I always had the lucky to do many trips all over the Europe and, recently, I started to explore the oversea countries.
I often visited these places by following my resourcefulness; I checked information about cultural places, relax, local cuisine, searching on internet, reading hotel brochures, asking to the hotel staff and firstly by trusting the information kept from local people.
In this way, I really understood that to well-known new places, it’s better to faith in ordinary people, whose leaves his life in these places, following ordinary life.
I know for sure that not even a touristic guide can help you to discover in a full way the preciousness of a place, first of all because he will offer you only touristic destinations.
To know a place means to discover all its peculiarities, not like a touristic guide but as a local person.
With a guide you can discover architectonical sites, museums, monuments, meeting places, but it’s quite difficult that he will bring you to have a dinner in “that restaurant” behind the main street or hidden away and out of the district, in which you can taste the best local traditional cuisine.
It’s from this concept that was born Sun Island Holidays, just to offer to everyone of each age which is on the road both for business and for pleasure time, the possibility to enjoy the full time in our precious country, the Sicily, Mediterranean heart and island historically influenced by Greek, Romans, Arabians and Normans.
This island can offer you everything you will expect from a good trip: sea, beach, mountain, historical cities founded in XVII century a.c., unique and spectacular landscapes; the Etna, which is the higher active Vulcan in Euro Asiatic continent and our enviable Mediterranean cuisine.

Our main object is to make carefree your holiday, avoiding you bad experiences in hotels, b&b, restaurants, nightclubs, excursions or sport activities which maybe are well reviewed, but this not correspond to the reality.
In this moment your question could be: what we are in a specific way? Well!
We are not a classical touristic guide, but much more.
We are not a tour operator, but much more.
We are not a travel agency, but much more.
We are not an agency which offers touristic guides, but much more!
We are a young and dynamic team, we are friend for you that help you to good choose for your holiday in free way!
We will be able to propose all about our Sicily could offer you: sport activities, total beach relax, excursions, prestigious nights in excellent nightclubs, culinary journey among our best restaurants… all what you wish during your trip, will become reality with us!
Maybe you are thinking about expensive offer from us, with fixed costs? You are in wrong!
You will evaluate by yourself our work and you will pay us according to your approval rating.
In any case, from our side, we will always guarantee our experience in knowledge about Sicily and our maximum commitment to make your holiday unforgettable!!!

For any requests, please, feel free to contact us.

Wishing you to enjoy your holiday, we welcome you in Sicily, the land caressed by the sea and kissed by the sun!

Sun Sea Islands

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