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Basilica Cattedrale protometropolitana


Messina is an Italian town of 236 034 inhabitants capital of the homonymous metropolitan city in Sicily, as well as thirteenth Italian municipality and third largest city of the most populous region of Italy. It rises near the extreme north-eastern tip of Sicily (Capo Peloro) on the Stretto that bears its name. Its port, ferry […]

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Marzamemi is a coast little town of Pachino district, 2 km far of it and 20 km far from Noto, Baroque capital. It is in Siracusa district. History The village was born around the docking, then became fishing port, it was developed thanks to this last activity, having also a Tonnara, on elf the most

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It was founded from Sican people, during Troia fall, in Mendola hill. During Roman domain it was proclaimed Latin municipium, a good position just to gesture itself with its own laws. When it was conquered by the Arabian people, it got the actual name and it was declared capital city in Sicilian three valleys. After

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Piazza Duomo Siracusa


During Dionisio I period, Siracusa was one of the biggest and powerful cities in Mediterranean area, because of its temples and palaces, gardens and fountains, its richness of money, culture and power. For Plato it was the perfect city which can influence the change in politic and in society. A wonderful city for Simonide, Pindaro,

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Scicli is a monumental baroque city town and since 2002 its city centre became a UNESCO heritage. Scicli became famous thanks to the “Il Commissario Montalbano” fiction, where the municipality was converted in Police station and the Mayor office became the police commissioner’s room in the unreal Vigata. Scicli is a “diamond in Val di

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Modica has the actual plan, thanks to the human modification during the time. Many homes which are in old city part and all leaning on each other, are often the extension of old caverns, lived since the prehistoric era. In fact, we can count 700 caverns which were lived or which were absorbed in new

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Ragusa Ibla


Ragusa, in UNESCO World Heritage List, is one of the most important city in Italy, thanks to its richness in art and archeology. Initially it was founded on a steep hill with deep valley in three sides and then, after the heartquake in 1963, was destroyed in a partial way. Today is made up of

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